Molten Tomato
Based in San Rafael, California

Release date:
12 September, 2015

Android (in development)
PC (ind development)


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Ball's world was black and white until vibrant alien Blocks fell from the sky and destroyed civilization. Super Happy Fun Block is a puzzle game in which changing the color of the world alters reality. Maneuver through treacherous obstacles, uncover hidden secrets, and outsmart the Blocks to help Ball save what remains of humanity.


Super Happy Fun Block is Molten Tomato's first game. Developed by one person, it's a labor of love 3 years in the making. Super Happy Fun Block launched for iOS September 12, 2015. Ports for PC, Android, and consoles are currently underway.


  • Challenge: It'll take a clever mind to solve these increasingly complex puzzles.
  • Animation: Hand drawn animation bring characters and the world to life.
  • Humor: The end of the world doesn't have to be dark thanks to expressive characters and entertaining dialogue.
  • Secrets: Hidden secrets reward astute players with additional content and challenge.
  • Control: Precise controls built for the touch screen, plus gamepad support.


Trailor (alpha footage) YouTube

Gameplay Demo YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (9MB)

download logo files as .zip (161KB)

Selected Articles

  • "The way the stage designs slowly build up the challenge and the interesting ways the game spins old tricks into something fresh make it a winner on the design front, too."
    - Shaun Musgrave, Touch Arcade
  • "Charming, fun and humorous... the shining iOS star of this weekend’s Boston Festival of Indie Games."
    - Brett Nolan, App Addict
  • "Give it a try and days later you're still eager to beat 'just one more level.'"
    - Dave Caolo, Apple World
  • "Great fun for all ages, this game is second to none."
    - Joachim Kläschen, Stromstock

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About Molten Tomato

Molten Tomato is a small independent company formed by an ex-Zynga employee. Its goal is to improve the mobile game scene for gamers by releasing quality titles to mobile.

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Super Happy Fun Block Credits

Ethan Benanav
Artist, Designer, Programmer

Mandy Heiser
Narrative Designer, Freelancer

Chase Bethea
Music, Sound Effects, Freelancer

Zach Miley
Sound Effects, Freelancer

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